Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pig Out at Irish Nationwide

Sinn Féin members took part in some direct action/street theatre at Irish Nationwide's head office on Grand Parade on Tuesday 24th March.

This was in light of the recent news that Nationwide cheif executive Michael Fingleton received a €1 million bonus after the bank was bailed out by the 26 co government and tax payers money. Fingleton also received a €28 million pension deal.

Sinn Féin members went straight to Fingletons head office and caused a bit of a stir in the reception area. This was caught on tape and TV3 ran with the coverage but failed to say who we were!

This action resulted in three Sinn Féin members being detained by the Gardaí who detained them for trespassing. However when the Gardaí were reminded that we the tax payers actually owned this bank and the property, they agreed and let them off!

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