Friday, March 13, 2009

Dublin Sinn Féín day of action in support of Dublin Bus Workers

Dublin Sinn Féin took part in a day of action on February 28th in support of the Dublin Bus workers who face redundancies and the reduction in public services.

Speaking at the time Sinn Féín Vice President and Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald said “The decision to withdraw 120 buses from the capital city’s public transport service in incomprehensible, particularly in the context that it is happening under the Green Party’s watch. This is a bad decision for workers, the people of Dublin, for public service delivery, for the environment and for the city’s sustainability.

“The government’s inaction on this issue has been shocking but not surprising. Let’s not forget that Dublin’s dependency on car usage has been created by decades of bad public transport policy and underinvestment by Fianna Fáil. Dublin should have a first class integrated public transport system that is the envy of Europe. We don’t and this is because successive Fianna Fáil governments have been short on vision, leadership and a real commitment to Dublin’s commuters and businesses alike. And lets not cod ourselves that Fine Gael would do it any differently. The day the cuts were announced Fine Gael were fast out of the traps calling for further privatisation of Dublin’s bus services. Privatisation of public services doesn’t work. Just look at Eircom’s failure to deliver broadband around the country and the negative impact of privatisation on our health service.

“But this can change. Make your voice heard. Demand that the cuts in Dublin Bus be reversed. Demand that government deliver sustainable integrated public transport for the people of Dublin. We deserve better.”

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