Thursday, July 2, 2009

IPSC Protest Rally

An Chéadaoin 1ú lá na Iúil, Sinn Féin Átha Cliath rallied along side the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign at the GPO i lár na gcathair.

Cen fáth?
Reports came in to IPSC that the Free Gaza boat 'Spirit of Humanity' had been boarded by the Israeli Navy, and that all passengers and crew have been arrested, and that the supplies they were bringing (medicine, toys, olive trees and cement) had been confiscated.

Among those kidnapped are two Irish citizens - Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire and the ship's first mate Derek Graham (a member of the IPSC). Also kidnapped is former US Congressperson Cynthia McKinney.

The team were kidnapped in international waters while trying to enter Gaza. There has been a lot of media coverage in the recent past about Somali Pirates - well this is an act of Israeli State Piracy, an attack on an unarmed boat of human rights advocates and the capture of urgently needed supplies.

We encourage all Republicans to keep up to date with the work of the IPSC by logging on to their website


  1. No wonder the party did so poorly in Dublin. The state is in a severe crisis, and all Dublin SF campaign on is Palestine. There is no doubt that Palestine is a major issue, but should it take precedent over local issues. Relevant or redundant.

  2. DSF is right to focus on palestine. But was holding a protest about Palestine on the very day that Cowen said over 500k would be unemployed bu the end of the year good representation of Dublin People. Hundreds of jobs were lost that day across the country but that didnt merit a protest.

    On the 1st July the first rumblings of an bord snip nua were leaking - but not a word.

    But saddest indictment of all 1st July was the day that the central statistics office released the June employment figures. 11.9% unemployed in June. The unemployment rate back to 1995.

    IBEC welcomed the fact that the rate of increase for unemployment was slowing. 11.9% became good news not a disaster that it really was. Where was Dublin Sinn Fein?

    When people who lost their jobs in June heard those unemployment figures its likely they thought to themselves I am one of those people.

    When those newly unemployed saw Dublin Sinn Fein protesting on a just issue but at the worst time they probably decided that Sinn Fein have no relevance at all for working class and unemployed people.

    if you dont believe me then take a look at 2007 and 2009. Dublin Sinn Fein needs to start doing its work or otherwise more and more working class people are going to decide Sinn Fein are dreamers, nice people supporting just causes, but irrelevant dreamers.